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Kenrick has appeared in numerous documentaries appearing on the Learning Channel, Discovery Channel, and BBC (see selected examples below).

His research has been cited in most national newspapers and many magazines, including Newsweek, Psychology Today, Fortune, New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, etc. (click here to see a selection).

Selected Television Appearances

   Oprah Winfrey Show: Spring, 2009  Show on Scientific Studies of Mate Preferences

 Discovery Channel 1: Science of Sex Appeal: The Dating and Mating Pool   
  (broadcast 2009, click to see segment w. Kenrick)

 Discovery Channel 2: Science of Sex Appeal: Women are Choosier  

 Discovery Channel 3: Science of Sex Appeal: Mating for Life


   YouTube: How Mating and Self-Protection Alter Loss Aversion, in which Kenrick, Li, & Neuberg discuss their new research.